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A key part of the LawSyncTM project is the creation of a teaching module that encourages students to innovate in response to developments in legal regulation, the use of technology, and consumer expectations. The LawSync module will build on our experience in academically rigorous, practice orientated teaching and will produce graduates who are well placed to respond to the challenges in, and take advantage of, the opportunities that they will face in an evolving legal services market. They will have the chance to learn from academics from a range of related disciplines, as well as from each other in their ‘firms’ and their peers in the wider law community.

At a practical level, students will work on projects aimed at real-world legal services problems. They will develop viable, innovative products and services, taking advantage of technological, regulatory, and market developments. This might include legal service apps, online transaction systems, expert systems, and novel service delivery methods.

We welcome expressions of interest from academic partners from any discipline. Or you can simply join in the conversation as we innovate, plan, and develop strategies for the future. Follow us on  Twitter and our LawSync blog for news on the project as well as discussions of related topics, such as the Legal Education and Training Review and the on-going implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007, and tell us what you think.

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