Welcome to LawSyncTM

 ‘Equipping students and practitioners to innovate in the rapidly changing world of legal services’

LawSync is a project in the Department of Law, and Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University. The name of this project reflects our desire to see a better synchronisation between law as an academic discipline and professional practice, the expectations both of legal professionals and users of legal services, and regulatory influences.

Law schools, law students, and legal professionals need to keep in sync with market needs and consumer expectations. The legal services market, and those who work within it, are undergoing great change thanks to a combination of forces- regulation, technology, and changing consumer expectations.

As part of preparing students for employment, the LawSync project is looking at these forces and what they mean for law students and legal professionals, and how its teaching can prepare them for the demands of the new marketplace.

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LawSync  is the trademark of Sheffield Hallam University. All views are those of the contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of Sheffield Hallam University or its partners
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